Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pardon Me. Can You Spare A Million?

Day 236 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

One of my favorite tracts to hand out is the million dollar bills. The ones I pictured are some early ones from Way of the Master/ Living Waters and are some of the better looking ones that have been out over the years. These were from 2005 and since that edition of millions from WOTM there have been two others (I think) and also celebrity caricature edition and a Obama bill. All of which have a gospel presentation on the back.

I have been giving out the millions for years, in one form or the other. Even the hardcore atheist like these. Why? Because money is a favorite thing of a lot of people and a million bucks, even if it is not legal tender, is pretty cool to have in your pocket. I like to leave them with a tip at restaurants, hand them to people working drive throughs, pass them out at public events and leave them hanging from a vending machine's dollar slot. I know that people feel excited when they first think they have latched on to some real money and pray that the message on the back makes for a larger excitement when reading about Christ and His sacrifice.

Tracts are a great way to get the gospel into many peoples hands. They are great to use as Ice Breakers, to get a conversation going about spiritual things and see where God takes that conversation. We are commanded to make disciples and to share the gospel to every creature, so these are just a tools to help us out some times.

A few websites that I can highly recommend for purchasing tracts are:
Way of the Master/ Living Waters
One Million Tracts
Custom Tract Source
Bezeugen Tract Club

There are many other tracts available, but I do caution you to make sure the message is biblical and does not push for a decision. Please read the full text of a tract before purchasing. The ones I listed can be trusted to put out solid messages.

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