Saturday, February 19, 2011

Everything Has Its Time

Day 232 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

I used a picture of these same flowers on Valentines day. These I gave to Chandra since they are her favorite flower. They are holding up quite nicely, a lot longer than I though they would. But, they are also starting to turn different colors and the leaves are beginning to dry out. They are showing that they are dying, as all things living will one day do.

As humans we are always dying, physically. It is a truth of nature that God set into place. Albeit, we are not living as we were intended because of the effects of sin in our lives. Our skin is continually dying as well as every other cell in our bodies. I recently heard that every 1-3 years our bodies are actually replaced by new cells, so we have new bodies that often. But, physically we are dying as our bodies become weaker with age. There is no way around it, we are all part of the ultimate statistic - 10 out of 10 will die.

The important part is what happens after you die. Physically our bodies will turn to dust, as the tulips I pictured today. But what about you? The you that makes your body a living, breathing being? You will go on after your earthly existence is over and there is no way around that. The question is where will you spend eternity? It will be in one of two places and the determining factor is if you trusted in Jesus to save you, if you put your faith in Him to cleanse you of all unrighteousness and gave your life to Him willingly. Acts 4:12 says that Christ is the only Way of salvation.

Many people are deceived in what actual salvation is, though. Many are in the belief that if you just ask Jesus into your heart, say a prayer, are baptized, attend church or do good that you are a Christian and are "saved". They continue to live their lives as they always did, without showing the signs that the New Birth will produce. They cling to a false profession and false affirmations by preachers and Sunday School teachers, but not in Christ. Being saved is much more than being saved from Hell, it is more importantly, being saved from a life that dishonors God and actually repulses Him because of your sinfulness. Only when Jesus' righteousness is imputed on your account are you saved. With that righteousness and justification comes a continual life of sanctification in which God conforms you into the image of His Son. There are no exceptions. When God changes someone, He changes them.

Have you been changed? Or are you living in deception? Have you never heard of the sacrifice of Christ? I would be happy to talk to you about Jesus and point you to Him. I will not ask you to recite a prayer, but will point you to how you may seek God for salvation.

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