Friday, February 25, 2011

Dressed For Success - Not!

Day 238 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

I don't think that Leviticus 19:19 specifically addresses this young man's choice of clothing, but I do think that he should have thought a little more about what he was wearing. If you can't tell it's a pink/ light red button up dress shirt (over a t-shirt), black basketball shorts with white piping, some kind of black, tight spandex exercise pants under the shorts, low cut black socks and a pair of tan deck shoes. If this is the style of today I want nothing to do with it. Maybe that means I am getting old, but if staying young means that I have to dress like I was blindfolded when making clothing choices - then count me out.

Not sure why people want to do things to draw attention to themselves and then get upset when they are shown attention. A lot of effort has to go in to trying to appear so different than "normal". Of course, the definition of "normal" changes all of the time, which makes me abnormal, because I pretty much stick to one style and have since I was a young 'un.

I try not to knock anyone's personal style, but when it is so blatantly anti-social or with the purpose of causing a stir, then I am put off by it. Well, there is one style that gets to me and it would be the sagging pants with your boxers showing. Can't stand it, never will. I do think that when picking out what you wear it needs to be as to not cause a disruption wherever you plan on going in it. And a FYI - at no time is it OK to wear your pajamas in public. Period.

I think that as with any other thing it is a "do not cause your brother to stumble" situation. You should always weigh out who you're going to be around, who you might see, where you are going and what others are going to think of you when they do see you. That is to Christians, of course. Those that are not children of God are going to dress however they want to regardless, which is why I must wear blinders when going shopping these days. We must treat our appearance as any other thing we do. After all, to someone that has been transformed by God into a new creation nothing is secular anymore. Everything a Christian does, says and wears is spiritual in nature. We must always be aware of what we are doing and saying and how we are dressed and how people might perceive us. Not pushing law on anyone, but a holy appearance. Do not cause your brother to stumble by what you do, say or how you dress. We are the body of Christ, shouldn't we dress the body in order to bring glory to Christ then?

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