Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Caution: This Blog Contains Words

Day 229 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" blog series

On my new diet program I am supposed to eat "good fats". This actually sounds kind of crazy to do on a diet, but apparently these "good fats" help your body to burn the "bad fats". One source for these "good fats" are nuts with almonds being one of the best to snack on.

Today's picture is the ingredients and nutrition panel of the package of my first bag of almonds that I have ever purchased. I have eaten almonds before, but never had the desire to snack on them. They are actually pretty good and do fill you up, so I may have already found a snack source through my weight loss process. But, back to the bag. I understand that there are a lot of government regulations for food, but is it really necessary to label a bag of almonds with a allergy "advice" that a bag of almonds actually contains almonds. Are people really that inept to buy a bag of almonds and expect something else to be inside? Even when there is a clear portion of the packaging so you can verify the contents are what the package says they are.

What's next in this line of thinking? Labels on text books that says "This book contains letters that form words". You could carry it one step further, considering all of the government oversight in our country for the book notice to say, "If you are not able to read please ask your teacher for assistance". Yeah, that does sound crazy, but labeling a bag of almonds with a notice that it contains almonds is just as ridiculous. Some things are just so in your face that it doesn't need to be spelled out.

Throughout the world there are many other things like this. When you see a house you automatically know that there was a builder, the house did not just form on its own from a blob of goo. Someone had to actually plan the building of the house, get the materials needed and then assemble the items in the proper place, in the proper sequence to make a house. The same is true of a painting, you know there was a painter and the droplets of paint did not just land on a canvas after a huge explosion, someone put the paint on the canvas to make a painting. Nature is the same way.

The structure and complexity of any life form is evidenced of a maker. Take us humans as an example, a single life form among millions on this planet. How intricate is the human body? Do you think it was formed from blob of goo? Maybe the blob of goo was struck by lightening that sparked a non life form to actually come alive and split and form some kind of amphibious creature. This slug over millions of years, without reproductive organs somehow made more of itself and over millions and millions of generations became a fish. Forget the leap between the food source needed for the slug, the organs needed to process the food and waste and just take a leap of faith and believe what science tells us, it happened. Period. Just think that the slug eventually turned into a fish, the fish turned into a fish that somehow wanted to leave its natural water habitat and instead of dying because it had gills instead of lungs, it lived and spontaneously grew lungs. Then it changed what kind of species it is, grew legs, sprouted arms, became a mammal and the rest is "history", at least in the school text books.

But you must put faith in those leaps between classifications. Also, what came first, the stomach or the mouth to chew food? What about the after effects of eating? When was the intestinal portion of the body formed? In conjunction with the stomach and mouth or over another million years as the body decided it must expel the wast it was creating somehow? Then there is the blood issue. Was the heart formed first? The veins? The arteries? How could any of those survive without the other? Why would a slug have the need to evolve anyway? Why would a blob of goo need to turn into a slug? How could these life forms make others like them if they weren't capable? So, you see the dilemma and how far fetched the theory of evolution is. Not to mention the "big bang" in which everything was formed out of a single ball of mass during an explosion. When is the last time you saw structure like the human body or a tree created from something blowing up? All I have ever seen is destruction and chaos.

So, that is my case for the Creator. Romans 1:18-23 says His creation is proof to us of Him and we are without blame if we deny that. Genesis tells us the story of God creating the universe. I take it as it's written, I am a creationist and for someone to believe in the goo story takes more faith than mine. I see God's handiwork and I am awed. I do not step back and say that it all "just happened" by random chance. My faith lies in God and in His Word. I do not put stock in the theory of evolution. My faith comes from the Lord and my faith is in the Lord.

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