Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blasphemy For Sale

Day 216 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" series

Blasphemy takes many forms these days. A lot of people think it is just the more known terms that conjure up ones definition of blasphemy, but there are many that people do not think twice about.

I wrote a post back in June of 2008 that dealt with some of the more common occurrences of blasphemy. One of the terms I mentioned was "OMG". This is a really common thing to say, put in your status on Facebook or text to a friend. But, it is blasphemy through and through. I do hear a lot of professing Christians say, "Oh, I mean it as oh my GOSH". Really? Does everyone that reads your status take it that way? Just because you have talked yourself into being okay with it doesn't mean that it is okay to say it (or type it). Why not just say something like, uh, "WOW"?

One of the largest forms of blasphemy, at least in the United Sates, is someone that calls their-self a Christian and they aren't. This is very serious and really grates on my nerves to hear someone say they are a follower of Christ, but yet are living in sin. Choose the sin to insert here, but any blatant sin that they are unrepentant over. A lot come to my mind and I am sure a lot come to yours as well. How can someone that says Jesus is Lord (Romans 10:9), but yet still live in complete control of their life be a child of God?

I am in the middle of reading John MacArthur's newest book, "Slave" and am getting a much better understanding what a Christian is in the sense of the wording in scripture of our relationship to God. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that professes to be Christ's follower, whether you think you have it all correct or not. I thought I knew what doulos meant, but MacArthur really opens it up so that the reader knows the true relationship we have as "bondservants" of Christ, as many translations put it. Basically, anytime you see the term "bondservant" you should replace it with slave.

A little off track, but I wanted to show what a true follower of Christ was/ is and how if so a slave to Christ would not be able to blaspheme His Name while living in sin. I really think that any true child of the Living God could not blaspheme God. It's not possible. Ever. See, someone that has truly been born of the Spirit is changed and knows the sacrifice of Christ. They cannot hold His Name in contempt because of all that has been given to them. How could a person dead in sin be resurrected to life in God and then live like they did before their "conversion"? They can't, because the Jesus they "accepted" was false. They were told about a different god that does not demand holiness and is okay with them staying in their sin. Heresy it is.

If you profess Christ I implore you to examine yourself to see that you are in the faith, examine yourself 2 Cor 13:5. Look at what motivates your heart to either rejoice in the Lord or rejoice in yourself. Look at where your time is spent and see if you have idols in your life. If so, repent and turn to Christ in faith. Toss every idol out of your life and flee them all and run to Him.

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