Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weighty Matters

Day 209 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" series

To night we had our first meeting for our church weight loss/ getting healthy project. It's called Rebuilding Your Temple and the local church body has an offshoot called "Hope For Hope" and I weighed in tonight. I touched on this in a post about 3 weeks ago. Our meeting was postponed because of snow, so tonight finally arrived.

I was ready to begin a weight loss program on Jan. 2nd, because the 1st is a holiday and I didn't want to start on a off day. The 2nd was a Sunday and that day they happened to announce this program that really sounded like the incentive I needed, beyond my own willpower. I can usually set my mind to something and achieve it, but it has always been for selfish reasons. This time has spiritual implications.

I have a few things to sort out as far as personal motivations. My big "WHY?" as Matt called it tonight. I have to know my motivation for this and that will be my driving point and my focus. I think of selfish reasons really readily - looking better, I have smaller clothes already, my wife will like me more, etc. But all of that is me-centric. I need to have a godly focus, which is why I am really feeling the motivation being being able to speak in front of people about this program. This will also be a goal for another issue I have of public speaking or just speaking in general. See, I am actually a quiet person, so talking is not a strong suite of mine. But, I totally see myself standing in front of other churches and sharing how God worked in me to achieve this goal.

I plan on keeping a journal of my progress and have taken pictures for some before pictures to show at a future date. I will be sending out sponsorship requests in the near future as well, with any money raised going to my home church for a much needed addition. If you feel led to be a sponsor of mine I would be 100% accountable to you and you will play a huge part in this. I do not receive a single penny from it and actually prefer that, since my goal and focus are on God and the furtherance of His Kingdom.

If you can't participate with sponsorship I ask you to please pray for me. This is going to require a total transformation in my eating habits and may cause some pains as I shed comfort foods while I am shedding the pounds. I know God is in this, because He is my focus. I really am relying on Him to give me the strength I need, but I do covet your prayers as well.

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