Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weight And See

Just wanted to share this a few weeks before things actually start going.

As with a lot of people I had set my mind to lose weight this year, a resolution for the new year. This was going to start last Sunday and would be a life change instead of a mind change. What I didn't really know was something exciting that my church will be doing that twas announced last Sunday as well.

The program is going to be called "Rebuilding Your Temple" and is what it says, a tearing down of the current me and a rebuilding of a new me. I did not start my own resolution last week because of this. Why? Because me losing weight may actually be able to benefit more than just me. In fact it could have spiritual ramifications in Romania.

The program is based on our human motivation, which sadly start with money, followed by competition then third is accountability to others. This program will have all of those, but not in a greedy and self centered way. The money will had from sponsors (maybe you) that will donate $1 (or more) per pound that I lose. The money will not be for me and from my understanding will be a donation to/ through my church - so it should be tax deductible. The competition is just amongst my church and for "bragging rights", which can be motivation stronger than money. Then there is the accountability which will be to the sponsors. Also another motivation for me will be knowing where this money will go and what it will be used for.

As of right now there are two places that are possible. The first is to Romania to an indigenous pastor that is seeking God in the area of church planting. The second is to my church to build a much needed new building, which has been on the back-burner for decades. Both of these present me with the knowledge that the Kingdom can and will be furthered by each pound that I lose. This will motivate me each time Reese's Cups cross my mind and will make me go a few more minutes on the treadmill each day.

My plans, as of right now, are to journal on my blog weekly during this 90 day period to update my progress. I will tell you how much I have lost, what things God has shown me through the week in the weight loss area, what (if anything) I have done that I shouldn't have (like eating fattening foods or skipped exercising). I want to be 100% accountable to anyone that feels the desire to sponsor this. At the end of the 90 days I will post before and after pictures to show just how God has worked in me to accomplish what I have failed at so many times before.

I feel really excited about this. It is weird though how we can't motivate ourselves purely for health reasons to get in shape and lose some pounds. I know that my eating habits have not glorified God and I do not uphold 1 Corinthians 10:31 very well. I am selfish in my eating and God is showing me that. I am focusing on Him through this for His strength instead of relying on my own willpower. I have lost weight before through my own ways and means, but never as a Christian. I want to live my life totally in God's will and this is a way I have not been doing so.

So, whoever stumbles upon this blog post, you did not end up here accidentally. I want to ask you to prayerfully consider sponsoring me for this endeavor. I ask that you covenant with me as I set on this path. I will be accountable to each and every person that sponsors me, which I need those questions of "How are you doing?" and "How can I pray for you today to reach the current goal?". I want to know that I am getting healthy and that lives can be changed through your sponsorship dollars. If you are led to donate more than $1/ pound please do so. Maybe Bill Gates or Donald Trump will stumble upon this and sponsor for much more. But, I will hold every person in the same light as my partners through this. Maybe even a Sunday school class or church. I will say that I have a goal for the 90 days of 60 pounds and for a total of 80 all together.

So please prayerfully consider this sponsorship. I will add updates after our meetings that will establish just how this is going to work. The first meeting is on Jan. 20th, so I will update on the program then. Please feel free to leave a message here or send me an email to with "Rebuild Your Temple" in the subject line. I also would appreciate your prayer sponsorship through this, which will be just as important as monetary sponsorship. Thank you as we set out on this endeavor.... together.

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