Monday, January 31, 2011

This Diet Is Driving Me Nuts

Day 213 in my "A Year In My Life Through Pictures" series. (also it's my 333 blog post)

So, I've been semi-dieting for about 4 days now and I am already wanting to bury my face in a bowl full of Reese's Cups. I am having a hard time trying to find adequate snack foods that will not hinder my weight loss goals. I was kind of certain that my "convenience factor" for eating and snacking would be one of the difficult hurdles to overcome. Thing is that I have no idea what would be okay for me to snack on.

In the past I have always snacked on things like dry cereal, candy bars, Little Debbie cakes, brownies, etc. This is not just because I liked the flavors, but also because it is very simple to open a box and partake of the sugary goodness in a box of Cinnabon Cereal. The only thing I am about 55% certain on for the type of diet I am heading towards will be nuts. Even then, nuts will need to be eaten in moderation. I did purchase a jar of unsalted roasted Mr.Peanut peanuts tonight. So, I am attempting to clean up my bad dining habits.

The "Rebuild Your Temple/ Hope For Hope" health program I am embarking on is not yet in full swing. We have half of the information and will receive the other half at our next meeting. Of course the second half is the nutritional information and hopefully will include a list of snacks that will be acceptable. Too bad it's going to be another week until the meeting, so I am left on my own to pull from past dieting failures and to scour the internet for other ideas. I do believe that the nutritional portion will be similar to the South Beach diet, but not exactly. So, I suppose that I can just model my choices from it for now.

There is just more at stake than me losing weight in this though, so I want to be successful at this. It has been decided that the money from sponsors will be used towards a new building for my church. So, this will be used to further the Kingdom and to glorify God. I am constantly reminded of 1 Cor. 10:31 in this: So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. So this is a direct following of that verse.

Please pray for me when I cross your mind. I need all the support that I can get. I have failed miserably in the past at diets, so I need this to be different. I need this to keep a godly focus and I need to constantly looking towards Christ. I need Him more than ever, not just for a diet but for everything that I am.


Camillia said...

DO I EVER HEAR YOU! I started weight watchers last Monday...and I also have the strongest sweet tooth EVER. is what I've done. bought cuties...dont know if you like those amazing little mandarin oranges...but Krogers has the best ones..well...0 points on weight watchers...and they are sweet..I've been snacking on fruit, and it really does help with the cravings. I am a cereal fanatic as well...this isnt easy, but it is so much easier today than it was last Monday! I know you can do it! Focus on what you can have, not what you cant!

Jeff said...

I would really like to have fruit, but it is high in natural sugars. If I could have bananas or apples I would be good (I think). I should know more about this particular program next week, so hopefully then I will know some good snacks. Guess I could just drink water and gnaw on some shoe leather.