Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Study In The Book Of Revelation

Day 205 in my "Year In mY Life Through Pictures" Series.

Tonight we started a study through the book of Revelation at church, for Sunday evening service. This should be really good for me, as all I know is what I was told as a child and what I read in the Left Behind series of books. Now that I know most of my theology was very skewed and mostly incorrect, I really desire to have a true understanding of the revealing to us by the Lord in His Word.

This study will probably end up taking a few months. Tonight was just the introduction and we received a brief overview and exactly how this book needs to be read and digested. Just as any other book of the Bible. We must look at whom it was first written, why it was written, what it meant for them and what it means for us and future generations. So many people want to totally forget about the context of when and who it was written to and thereby having the need to build things into the book that aren't there.

All I know is that God included this book in His Word for us. He meant it for us to apply to our lives and to bring Him glory. To have a correct understanding is not only desirous, but also a necessity. So much of my life I only had what the American church told me and because of that would have went to hell from the lies that I believed. When a supposed "man of God" deems you 'SAVED' why would you question it? Why would I need to? I was good to go. Done it. Was on my way to heaven. Or at least that is what I was told and what was continually fed to me. Just say this prayer was very common to hear during the altar call. "It only takes a few minutes". So much deception in many church buildings and so many deceived people going to hell.

True children of God must stand up against this. To remain silent is actually condoning the behavior. This is not an Arminian vs. Calvinism thing either, this is a spiritual war. We must proclaim the Word in truth and righteousness, not mincing words and apologizing for the Gospel, but loudly proclaiming the true Gospel to every creature. Look for the opportunities in your day that God puts there for you to share His Word and His Good News. Do not be afraid to take up your cross and lay down your life to share the Gospel with a friend, family member, co-worker or worker at the counter in McDonalds.

It is high time that the people of God do what we are commanded to do. Please seek God in His Word and through prayer for understanding in your role as part of the body is. We are all commanded to spread the good news and make disciples, so lets go. We have our first directive, now do it. Await further guidance and faithfully do what you already know you are supposed to do. If Christians really believed God on the effects of sin then we would be more diligent in our command. If we thought about our families spending eternity in hell we would definitley tell them about God more earnestly. One fear casts out another, think of that when you get a little sweaty in anticipation of talking to someone close to you. Do you fear a little ridicule or disdain more than you fear for them being hell forever?

In one short word are we commanded. GO!


Whitt Madden said...

"If Christians really believed God on the effects of sin then we would be more diligent in our command"

Good point. I cannot add anything myself to that statement, but I would like to share what Francis Chan had to say about something very similar. He said "If we truly believed in Hell, shouldn't we live like it?"

That's a convicting thought for me. If I truly believed in Hell, I should be more concerned about all of my unsaved friends and family that are headed there.

I once heard that "the Good News is so good, that most of us just want to keep it to ourselves, without sharing it"

Jeff said...

I also have heard Ray Comfort say some things in this line of thinking. Comfort had a story that he told, I'll paraphrase it the best I can remember.

He said to think about witnessing to people the same way you would if you were driving down the road and came across a building being built. The construction elevator shaft is exposed and there are two little children playing beneath it. You notice the elevator start moving down and the kids are oblivious that they are about to be crushed beneath the weight of the elevator. Any person would do all they could to get those children out of harms way - they would pull over, run as fast as they could, yell, scream, blow their horn, whatever it would take to get the kids out of the crushing force of the elevator. He likened that to Christians not doing everything they could to show the dangers that those they come into contact with are in, of dying the second death and spending eternity in hell.

If you haven't ever listened to Ray Comfort I highly suggest downloading some of his messages. He is very easy to listen to has great sermon illustrations. His books are also very easy reading.