Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State Of The Union 2011

Day 207 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" series.

Sorry for the bad picture... and the bad quality of it too. The subject of the photo is none other than our President, Barack Obama. He had his State of the Union Address this evening and we caught the last 25 minutes or so. The first statement we heard was that the government is overspending and must cut spending. He mentioned overhauling the tax code to which I say, "Want to overhaul the tax code? Do away with the IRS, saving billions in wages and billions in tax preparation costs for American's yearly. Make a flat sales tax that all people pay, which would be the same rate." But, no, that makes too much sense and it would put all of those poor IRS employees out of work. I say to that, "Good".

Actually the president said about the same things he always does. He kissed up to both sides of the House along with his Vice-President and the new Speaker of the House. It was quite funny though when he was hooraying the recent repeal of "Don't ask, don't tell" and they had the cameras fixed on 2 generals who looked like they could sharpen machetes with their cheek bones. Not a smile, not a wince, nothing... no expression, no applause like some of the attendees. Almost the look of "I can't believe you did that".

Obama is the consummate speaker. As a matter of fact, that is about all he is good at. Well, if you don't count expensive vacations on my tax money. But he did woo and sway a lot of people into voting for him. Personally I do not care for his smugness, but he is my president and I am biblically required to follow his leadership (Romans 13:1-7). That is until it undermines or goes against the Word of God. Which Obama does quite a bit of.

I am not sure if he is a Muslim or not. I do know that he is not a Christian as he professes. He has a utter disdain for the Bible. He mocks the Word and what is in it. He promotes Islam and other religions, while putting down Christianity. He is pro-murder/ abortion. He has no fruit of a Christian, so then why do people think he is? Just because he says so and we should always believe someone when they say they are saved. Right? Wrong! We must show discernment in matter like this and must never compromise what a true Christian does, says, acts and holds dear the Word of God and all contained therein.

If I ever got the chance to meet Obama face to face I would probably ask him about his conversion. Ask him point blank how he can condone killing babies. Ask how he can hobknob with Muslims and have a disdain for the God of the Bible. That'll never happen, but my quiet disposition may turn in this man's presence. He makes my blood boil at times with his smug attitude and looking down his nose at us little ones beneath him. But, he is my leader and I must follow him because God said to.

I also do pray for him, almost daily. I normally begin my day praying for his salvation and for him to lead this country correctly. It does appear that for the time being God has different plans. I am supposing that Obama is a judgment on this country. He will not be out of the office soon enough for me. Not sure who I want in there next, but I know it's not him.

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