Sunday, January 30, 2011

Melon Suits In Wal Mart

Day 212 in my "Year In My Life Through Pictures" series

Granted, you see a lot of different kinds people in Wal Mart. Well, actually a lot of different styles of people in Wal Mart. This evening just happened to be a night to see a questionable choice in suit colors. Melon colored suits are probably not in my top 100 suit color choices. Actually I do not own a suit, so my choice is not to wear one.

Paducah is home to two Wal Mart Supercenters. Not sure how common this is, but I have heard that the one in our mall area consistently places as the #1 store chain wide for Wal Mart and the other one finishes top 10 as well. Just thought I would pass that along, no real story about that. If true that is pretty cool, if not that means a lot of people are spreading some false information around. I qualify my passing of the information on as speculation with the caveat that I will try to find out if that is true or not.

The two local stores have a very different clientele. Well, in the sense that there are two drastically different "classes" of people, for lack of a better term. Not that it is a put down for either "class", but there is a difference. I prefer the less busy one, which is also closer to my home. Maybe it's because I feel more comfortable in a totally subconscious way. I could even be driving down the road in front of the other one and drive across town to the other one. Maybe I'm just weird like that or maybe I am OCD in a few ways.

I do know that the patrons of both of these Wal Marts are in need of the gospel. I give out tracts sometimes when I am there. Sometimes I use my "restroom ministry" too and leave them in easily seen places in the restroom. Anywhere people go is a good place to leave a tract, especially some of the eye catching ones available on the internet. Million Dollar Bills are always a good one to leave or hand out. People hold on to these. I have actually given several to lost people before so they could hand them out to their friends too. I don't care where a person gets a tract or from who, just as long as they get the gospel in their hand.

I also leave tracts at the BP station when I get gas. Back on Day 41 of this blog series I told about that in more detail, but the little credit card offer boxes make the perfect place for a tract. Also, if you get the business card size tracts they fit perfectly in the credit card slot. It was great that BP designed these features at their pumps for easy tract distribution. A tract is a non-confrontational way to spread the gospel. I highly recommend that every Christian carry tracts with them everywhere they go. You can also put them in your bills when you send your payments in. Who knows, this side of heaven, who the tracts you can pass out will reach and possibly God will use to spark something that could have eternal ramifications.

Just GO! as we are commanded. Spread the Word in truth and righteousness. Use tracts, use the internet, use your mouth. Just spread the gospel to as many people as you can and then leave the results to God.

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