Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's All In The Numbers

Day 208 in my "Year In my Life Through Pictures" series

I had to take a couple of things to the post office today at work to be mailed. They went to two separate offices of the same agency. Why two different ones" Because the state of Kentucky says so. Same information. Same agencies. Two separate mailings. Go figure.

Even though the packages were the same and held the same information that I packaged up the same way I just thought they would cost different amounts to send. One was about 3 miles from my job the other in Frankfurt, several hours away. I guess my thinking was that the difference in proximity to my workplace would determine how much the postage would be, since they were weighed envelopes with certified delivery and return receipt requested. Alas, they were the same.

Take a closer look at the amount though. Both were $6.66 to mail. Actually, during the time I was a false convert that may have struck some terror in my heart and mind. It is the number of the Beast after all, sans the decimal. But now, it doesn't really raise that much ire to me. I know that the spirit of the anti-christ is prevalent, be it with the 666 or without.

It's not that I am not concerned about the beast or end times, but not to a point that I am going to get upset or freak out because the total of a purchase came up to the number of the beast. I know who is in control, even of the beast. I know the outcome and I know solidly where I stand. It's not being naive, but being convinced that God's Word is true. Don't get me wrong, the imagery of Revelation, Daniel and the other prophetic books make the latest CG movie look lie stop motion animation. It's going to be an awesomely terrible part of humanity for sure. But I know that my Savior is mighty and He will reign as He said he would. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

We just started a series of messages on Sunday evenings at my church. I know that it will be very different than what I have been previously taught. Why? Because it is going to be biblical and not man centered and will be a faithful exposition of the Word of God. Very different than the man centered messages I was raised on. I now question everything that I was ever told about God and the Bible, because so much of it was flat out wrong. Most notably the basis for my salvation. A prayer. A man's affirmation. 30 years of deception until God saw fit to take the scales from my eyes and allow me to see His Word as He meant. He is so good to me, a sinful, prideful man. Why did He show mercy on me? I have no idea, but I am eternally grateful to be called His slave.

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