Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 202: Winter Wonderland

It snowed. They said it was going to and it did. I am sure that made the folks that emptied Wal-Mart's shelves feel better and gave them a sense of accomplishment as they brought home the bounty for the 2 inches of snow that now blanket our fair city.

I love the snow. I always get that tingly feeling when they give a forecast that includes snow. It reminds me of the feeling when I was younger and they said it was going to snow. I would stare out of the window waiting for it and the first flakes always brought a smile. They still do, but without the anticipation that they will call off work, like they did school.

But something makes my heart skip a beat still at the sight of the flakes falling and the pristine ground covering. I find myself now looking at the individual snowflakes that land on my jacket or outside of my window and admire the intricacies of God's handiwork. It amazes me how the flakes are formed and how beautiful each one is. They seem so pure as the float to the ground, one by one and join together to cover everything in sight.

I am equally amazed at the rest of the Lord's creation. To gaze upon the stars on a cloudless night and wonder what each of their names are (Psalm 147:4). Or on the cloudy day looking at the clouds that are actually made up of individual drops of moisture that if weighed would be several tons. How do they float in the air? How do they not just fall at once to the ground below? How do the trees take that life giving rain and absorb it through their roots and make it travel upward nourishing the leaves? Oh, the mysteries that God has made in nature for us to behold.

Never be bored with your surroundings or your life. Always look for the fingerprints of God in your surroundings. Dwell on His workmanship and be amazed. There is no way you can be bored if you examine the things of God.

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