Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 201: Storm Before The Storm

They are calling for a couple of inches of snow around my area over the next 24 hours. With any kind of winter weather occurrence it always elicits a mad panic to buy some things. Those things? Milk and bread, both of which we needed for our household, but not because of the call for snow.

Almost as soon as the forecast is made for snow or ice the grocery stores are flooded with people that think we are not going to have any staple supplies for weeks. They buy out the milk and the bread and apparently tonight, a full display of Doritos. Guess they were on sale, with the rollback price from $2.99 to $2.50. Who can't pass up a deal like that? Apparently not the folks that are scared of a little snow.

So, why do people get so scared of a temporary condition like a small snow storm? Why can the threat of slick roads for a few hours drive someone to fore-go their normal mind set and do things that are seemingly irrational? Not just buying bread and milk either, but other things as well. And the bigger question - why do people who say they believe in God still do the things they do? Why are people not afraid of God's Holy Wrath that abides on them?

Maybe the answer is that they have never heard of the True God. Maybe they have only heard of the god that is popular today that is only love and accepts all as they are. So, these folks have an idol for their god, one that can and does accept every sin because his love overshadows his righteousness, judgment and his wrath. This is not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The true and living God is to be feared in a holy reverence. Not a shaking in your boots, per se, but a "He can melt my face because He is so Holy" kind of way.

I am also fairly certain that most church going people are not fearful of God. The reason? Because they do not know Him and have never heard of Him. They have heard the American gospel version as well. The one that accepts everyone just because they believe a few facts, agree to a few questions and say a little prayer. Then they are declared saved and are free to return to their sinful lives. Why? Because they took care of "it", whatever "it" is. It is surely not the repentance and true saving faith required of God.

So many people on their way to hell because they want to continue to believe a lie. They are comfortable just with an occasional Sunday morning service, or maybe even an every Sunday morning service too. They say they are saved, but ask them what they are saved from. First answer? Hell. After that they are pretty much ignorant of what they would actually be saved from. Things like being saved from a life of sin or defaming God's Name? Those are never mentioned. Why would they be, if they know nothing about them? The preachers are to blame for that, but you can't blame your damnation on a preacher when you stand before God on judgment day.

This is why the true children of God must preach the gospel to everyone. Someone tells you they are saved, tell them the gospel. Someone tells you they are a thief? Tell them the gospel. Someone tells you they are a homosexual? Tell them the gospel. No matter who they are or what they claim they still need the gospel. A Child of God still needs the gospel and loves the gospel.

Just preach the Word in season and out of season to everyone. That is the laying down of your life for your fellow man. Tell them regardless of the perceived consequences. Stay true to the Word and the Lord will keep you.

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