Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 198: Christmas In January

The Christmas program was delayed at church in December due to inclimate weather and was instead held this evening. Why not? We should be celebrating the birth of our Savior daily, along with His life and His redemptive work on our behalf. These all are integral parts of the gospel and we often only focus on any one of those aspects at a given time.

When Christmas is thought of it always is about he birth of Christ. Not much is thought about the other aspects of the life of Christ. Then we have Easter where His death and resurrection are thought of. Then, for the remainder of the year, most people go into church hibernation and only show up occasionally. Sad thing is that most of these people claim to be Christians. Fact is they are probably not.

I suggest that celebrations of Christ be full. Include each aspect, tell of Christ's redeeming work on Calvary during Christmas. Tell of Christ's birth and sinless life at Easter. Tell of all His goodness each and every day of your life. Never pass on an opportunity to share Jesus with someone. Sow seeds constantly and watch for the opportunities to do so daily. God gives us those chances, but most of the time we are so focused inwardly and just going about normal life that we miss them. Get in tune with the Lord and ask Him to allow you to recognize what He lays before you. I am fairly sure He will and you will be used.

It is as simple as making yourself available. Be in constant submission to His leadership and I promise you will be used of God.

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