Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 197: Play Me a Song

I purchased this piano a few years ago for a little of nothing. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but since has really proven to be not so good of an idea. It is very heavy and fairly large and has set in the area between our front door and living room ever since it was brought in. Did I mention it is heavy?

Since I have a truck now we will probably be making a donation to a nice home for this piano. Also, if it is ever replaced with a piano it will be an electronic one that can be stashed in a closet when need be. But, you live and you learn. Lesson in this - Do not buy a piano.

Some things aren't so cut and dry though. Some seem like they are right and there is no conviction against them, but should our personal feelings be what guides us? After all we are fallen creatures that live by the flesh. I mean, if I let my flesh lead what I do I would be overweight and sitting in front a computer right now. Oh, yeah, that's is what I am doing right now.

But my point is there are things that are cut and dry in the Word of God. These things do not require a personal feeling or conviction - we have been commanded first hand by God to do and not to do certain things. So, why do we continue to do them? I am not talking about the "big" things like stealing, cheating on your spouse or killing someone. I am speaking about things we do every day and think nothing about. Why, if we are children of God, can we participate in things that are in violation of His Word and not be concerned about it?

Even though I am commanded to follow the speed limit in Romans 13:1-2 and 1Peter 2:13-17 I still push it past the limit by about 4 MPH. I've broken the law at that point and it really doesn't bother me that much a lot of the time. Sometimes it does and I will not go over by any, but the only thing that's changed is my "feelings" about breaking the law. The law has not changed and my command to follow the law has not changed. But things like this we justify and make excuses for with the rationalization that "everyone does it" or "it's only a few MPH over the speed limit".

So, at this point I "feel" conviction about things I do and partake in. It is my conscience searing into my soul that there are certain things I should not be doing. They are not really gray areas either and I don't really think that the "feelings" are going to pass. I think this is conviction as I am brought closer to God and see things better as they are exposed by His light. It is time to start shedding aspects of life that are not glorifying to God and time to start putting on the new man just as Colossians 3 commands us to do. These are things that we are told to do for ourselves, things to "put off" and "put to death" and others that we are to "put on".

So, it is our responsibility to do these things and set our affections on Christ so that we can be further conformed to His likeness. If we are His bride then shouldn't we be making ourselves ready for His return? We need to walk in His statutes and hold His Name high and lifted up. I have a long way to go, but I know that through Him, if I do as His Word says then He will take care of me. I trust in Him to do so, not because I do or do not do certain things, but because He said He would. May His grace allow us to walk uprightly in His path and may His peace flood us.

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