Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 193: Remotely Stated

Do you remember when you were the remote control? I do. "Jeffery, go change it to channel 3." That was heard many times by me growing up. Back in the day you had to actually change a channel instead of pushing a button or picking it through a guide on your screen. Another major difference back then was we had a black and white TV or actually a few of them through the years and a color set here and there. I also remember the famous put the working TV on top of the non working floor model TV, just in case the larger one decided it would start working again some day. They never did though.

It's amazing how technology has advanced over the years and decades. I grew up with 8 Tracks and albums that gave way to cassettes and now MP3s and iPods. The huge VCRs were replaced with DVD players and now Blu-Rays are the must have. You would use to have to take pictures to be developed and wait a week to get them back. Now you either email them to Wal Mart and pick them up the same day or print them out yourself. Not to mention the internet and all it has brought in to existence.

I am so very glad though that the Lord does not change. I have gone through several different phases over my life, even thinking that for a majority of my life that I was a Christian. I wasn't, but God was still working on me along the way. It is hard for our minuscule minds to grab hold that our God today is the same as He was when He walked with Adam in Eden or the same as when He spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai. He is just as holy now as He was then. He was just as gracious then as He is now. He is our Rock and He desires us to lean on Him. So often we think that there was a change in God between the Old Testament writings and the New Testament. People say that God angry during the OT, but had some kind of change of nature and now is different. I say that is heresy. God is the same - yesterday, today and tomorrow. Nothing changes about Him and I am oh so thankful for that.

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