Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 192: Real Or Fake

Saw this car this evening at the Best Buy while doing a little errand running. It was parked in front of me as I was leaving. I saw the car and just had one of those quick "Oh, that's a Chrysler 300C" thought, or just "knew" it was one - however you want to look at it. Then when I had a seat in my car and peered out of the front window I saw it, the Bentley emblem on the front grill section.

It threw me off a tad, because I am fairly familiar with 300Cs, because I thought they were a great looking car when they came out. I even wanted one for a while, so they got looks from me a lot over the past few years. With the 'B' emblazoned on the front of this car I had to drive around to the rear and see if there were any other markings or if, by chance, the front of a 300C and the front of a Bentley were that similar but the rear end was different. My first impulse was correct. Someone had put an aftermarket grill on the car, but the back emblems still read 300C and Chrysler. So, someone was just trying to make their car look like a more expensive vehicle.

We all do this same type of thing a lot in our lives. Some call it wearing masks or putting on airs, but it is basically trying to look different than we actually are. Sadly most church goers and professing Christians will not call someone that is obviously an impostor what they are. That is a hypocrite/ actor or one that professes Christ, but does not truly know Him. They say things like "judge not" and "we are not supposed to judge others" and the ever popular "only God and them know their heart". I say rubbish. Jesus told us to judge others by their fruit and if they are a fig tree they would bear fruit or either a thorn bush bearing thorns. They just might be hanging a different grill on them, but under neath they are still a lost sinner in need of a graceful God.

Some fakes may have done a total makeover as well. Kind of like one of those VW kit cars that looks like an older roadster or even a sports car, but they are still a Volkswagon that just appears to be something else. They may fool some people that just take a glance, but when you start examining under the hood and spending a little time with them it becomes really obvious, really fast. What they need is a rebirth. They need God to actually change them from a VW into a Lamborghini. That is a transformation and nothing that new vehicle does can change back, because God did a miraculous transformation.

So, please stop blaspheming the Name of Christ calling people Christians that aren't. Confront these people out of love for them, but most importantly for the love of the Lord. Do not let them trample on His Holy Name while they profess to know Him, but yet live like they are big buddies with the devil. As a child of God we are to die to ourselves, so take a stand for Him and do not allow people to not revere Him and His Name.

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