Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 190: Oh, You Shouldn't Have.

Saw this fine example of what not to do to a car today. Its a Camaro, not sure what year, but it is somewhere in the early 90s through the early uglies, uh, sorry, early 2000s. If the picture is not good enough to tell, the wheels are a lot larger than factory with low profile tires on them with red spokes. There is also some red highlights around the convertible top at the window. If you look close, it looks like the wheels on the car are larger than the ones on the Avalanche on the opposite side of the car. One question - What were they thinking?

This is the same question I want to some times ask people that willfully participate in sinful activities. Those that profess Christ that is, not the lost because that is their nature. But, if someone is truly born again, filled with the Holy Spirit and living a life focused on God shouldn't they be able to see the blatantly ungodly things in their life? I'm not talking about the gray areas that the bible does not cover, but things like lying, excessive drinking, dabbling in the occult, stealing, cussing, gossiping, etc. The list is long, but I think you catch my drift.

Often times when and if you do confront them in love, you are immediately classified as judgmental and maybe even a Pharisee. We are to help brothers and sisters to see their sinfulness, but in the right spirit of course. If they are truly a child of God as well, they may initially react in a defensive manner (the flesh) but they will soon see and understand what you were doing. If we do not let those that profess Christ know what they are doing is damaging the body, then we, too, are taking part in their sin. So, it is a peculiar position to be in. Do we risk a friend being mad at us? Or do we defend the body and our God? I think it is a plain and simple answer, even though I fail at it miserably a lot. So, I am preaching to myself too.

I think the true body and Bride of Christ need to take a stand within itself. Help a brother stand tall and proudly in service to the Lord. Call out those that claim to be a part of the body, but are impostors like the false teachers and prosperity pimps on TV. The charlatans are deceiving millions while raking in their millions. Call to your brothers and sisters to stand with you, me and the others that are sickened by the state of the perceived church. We are all members of the same body and we should all want to preserve the Glory of our Lord.

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