Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 188: Room With A View

My picture of the day was the view I had for a big chunk of the day, Chandra's room for a T.E.E. test/ scan at Western Baptist. They are trying to determine the cause of a few issues she has been having and this test was to look at her heart via a device being put down her throat and looking to the side to see her heart. The results ruled out what was expected to be revealed, so the search continues. The good news? That her yearly deductible is out of the way, so we only have co-pays for her for the rest of 2011. Always look on the bright side. Right?

Today brought back some memories of Chandra's surgery a year ago September. I sit there and thought about those emotions and prayers and how God comforted and answered prayers, even at times as they were being uttered. He has used the hands of doctors to do amazing things and He has used the sacrifices of brothers and sisters to do some equally amazing things.

God has been good to us and I need reminding sometimes, which is sad. The Lord should always be the focus of every moment of our day, but He isn't. And what is amazing about that is that He keeps on loving us anyway. He keeps supplying our needs and keeps showering us with blessings, over and over again.

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