Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 187: Run For The Border

Mmmm. Taco Bell. Also another Mmmm for the price of a full meal at Taco Bell, $5.00. How is that they can sell a meal large enough to fill anyone up, but other restaurants charge twice that amount for less food? In the Taco Bell "Touchdown Box" you get the crunch wrap, a taco, a 7 layer burrito, cinnamon twists and a drink. Now that is a big meal for a decent price. Needless to say, this was my dinner tonight.

Like this Taco Bel meal, I am always looking for a bargain. I have to first decide to purchase something, then look around to get the best possible deal. Of course with a Taco Bell meal box there is only one place to get it, but there are many other restaurants to choose from too. We need to be the best possible stewards with the money that God entrusts us with. I, admittedly, am not that good with money, but I am getting better.

As we progress with our walk, God entrusts us with more. As we learn to trust in Him and rely on His provisions to us we grow in our faith. This is part of the sanctification process and brings us closer to conforming with Jesus. Although we will never attain being exactly like Jesus, we can strive for that as our goal, knowing that we will fail, but also that we are striving for that worthy goal. We also know that the God is there to help us along our walks as our human fathers also would, but actually on a higher plane. So many times we think of God as always wanting to exact punishment on us, but that is not true. He loves us. Loves us so much that He gave His Son to die for us. He has adopted us as children, joint heirs with Christ. Now how great is that? Joint heirs with Christ.

Next time you feel dejected just think of the many blessings that God rains down on you daily. Think of how He gives you your breath, the job you have, the income you receive, the food on your table and even the internet connection and computer you are using right now to read this. God is good.

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