Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 186: Reading Is Fundamental

Started reading two books this week. One is the picture of the day "Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy" a biography about Deitrich Bonhoeffer. The second is "Slave" by John MacArthur. This is the first time I have ever read two books at once, I have a memory issue anyway and adding a second book to the mix has never seemed like a good idea. This time I think I will be o.k. since one is a biography and the other is a Johnny Mac book.

I think they will have some of the same elements. Slave is about our role as slaves to Christ, not just the KJV mildly put "bondservant". The wording in scripture denotes that we are actually the property of God, we were bought with a price after, the highest price ever. I think the Bonhoeffer book will also deal with this as Bonhoeffer knew his role and knew that his life was not his own. He laid it down for his country and his brothers and sisters and most importantly for our God. I do not know the exacts of his life, hence reading a book about him.

I try to always be reading something that is Kingdom focused. The bible is daily reading, but I also like to read Christian books as well, to get others insights into the Word. MacArthur has been a great author for me to read as he is very informative and a somewhat easy read. He does repeat himself some in his books, but he, I need that because I sometimes do not comprehend things to first time. I try to stay away from fiction titles though, even though I have not sworn them off or anything. I just feel that this point in my walk that I need to be gaining knowledge instead of being entertained by reading.

I have never been a reader much anyway throughout my life. I can remember only reading a very few books up until I was converted. One being "Congo" and another "Left Behind", which scared me into reciting "the prayer" every time I opened its pages. I was doing what I knew to do, but I was still counting on that prayer to save me instead of Christ. My faith was not focused on Jesus and I definitely had and and was not repenting of my sins. God was working on me then, though, as He had been my whole life. I can see His fingerprints throughout my life leading me to a path that was on a collision course with Him.

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Whitt Madden said...

Although I haven't read the Bonhoeffer book, I have a friend who has been reading it. I have read The Cost of Discipleship, and received Letters and Papers from Prison as a Christmas gift this year.

Bonhoeffer's life is an incredible testimony of God at work. Let me know if you like the book, one day I plan to get it.