Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 185: Deer In My Headlight

Literally, there was a deer in my headlight. If you read my post from a few days ago then you know the story. To sum it up for you - a deer was standing in the road, a deer was crashing into my car, a deer ran off I have $1600 in damages.

So, I decided to slowly repair the car as I find deals on parts. First up to purchase was the headlight assembly. If you know the new body style Altima then you know that the headlight is fairly large and stylized. I found a great deal on ebay and ordered it last Wednesday and it arrived today. I thought this was good timing considering the holiday that was in the mix. When I saw the box I had a suspicion that the contents might be damaged as there was an inward poke on one end and an outward poke on the other, so I had my doubts. When I opened it up I was really impressed with the look of the light and how it perfectly matched the factory lights. Then I noticed the end tab was broken.

What a bummer. Waiting for 4 or 5 days to get the light and then it being damaged. I have no idea where along the way it was broken, but it was and it made me a bit perturbed. I then contacted the seller, which is also a web store, with the bad news. They were very prompt with getting back to me and offered me a choice of 3 things. 1) Obtain a refund and send the light back. 2) Receive partial credit and keep the light. 3) Exchange it for a replacement. Since I still need a headlight, I opted for choice #3 and asked if I needed to contact UPS with the claim. They took care of it all, even as far as sending me a package label so all I have to do is tape it on and send it back.

This couldn't have been easier, but I could have gotten a lot more angry. I have been able to realize, more often than not lately, that God is in control - even things like deer and headlights. These little things that we give to God and follow His direction in are faith and character builders. They, too, have a work in our sanctification process. If we overreact about fleeting stuff like this, then how much more are we going to overreact when something larger rears its ugly head? Besdies, God has shown me and my family a lot of grace and mercies and proven Himself faithful and sure, so why would I want to even entertain the thoughts that He is not firmly in control of this?

Not that I am passive in this situation, but proactive. We must do some things and not just kick back and expect God to do it all. We would become spiritually lazy if we did not take actions in our walk. That, too, would also be like us trying to use God as our own personal butler to do our bidding for us, while we just kick back ans take it easy. That is a bad thing. We are to be followers, slaves even, to God. We are to give our unmitigated service to Him for Him and empowered by Him for whatever He wills. Submission is a wonderful thing.

Just remember when things seem to be getting difficult that God is in control. He may even be using that particular thing to show you that you need to trust in Him more. Once you do, you will see how glorious it is - to rest in Him.

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