Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 183: Gilligan's Island Biblical Study?

Not a lot to say about this study available at Lifeway. Well, maybe a little bit. I'll start with, "What were they thinking?". I think the publisher of this is stretching the bounds of relevancy just a tad. I mean, is Gilligan's Island even relevant to today's culture? I watched reruns of this when I was a kid, so the current generation is about the 3rd or 4th that know who Gilligan and the Skipper are.

I suppose they could be trying to reach my generation or the previous for nostalgic reasons. But, c'mon people. How far are you going to stoop in order to try to be cute, witty or relevant? Do we really need a TV program from our youth to entice us to have a bible study? Has Christianity really fallen that much?

I say stick with the Bible. Do not try to relate Jesus walking on the water with Gilligan falling in the Lagoon. Just study the Word and exposit the Word teaching how the Bible flows as the Word of God. How does relating something worldly really fit with what the Bible actually says? It doesn't, so stop doing it. Pastors - stop allowing these types of studies within your body of believers. Actually if these kinds of studies are within the flock you are overseeing then you are probably doing the same as this Gilligan's Island study in the pulpit. Trying to pull things from your life that you think can make a good sermon outline instead of actually studying the Word and seeking the Lord for guidance on the meat of scripture to feed His Flock.

But, once again this is a discernment issue. Discernment has really faltered over the decades to allow garbage like this. We are in dire need of a return to true biblical Christianity and a shedding of these worldly influences. Seek God in everything you do. Put the focus on God's glory instead of trying to fill your pews or study groups. If God's Word is proclaimed, then that's all you need to worry about - God will take care of the rest.

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