Friday, December 31, 2010

Dy 182: Traffic Gives You Time To Think

Ah, the great experience of traffic in the mall area of Paducah. It's not so much the traffic as it is the traffic lights. This one in particular, the left turn signal, gives enough time for about 4 cars to go through it before it has turned red again. Now that is frustrating.

The wait in line did allow me about 2 minutes to ponder on people choices. Not really "huge" choices, but one like the car in front of me. A VW Bug is definitely a big style choice that someone makes. My pondering led to thinking did this person choose this car because they are a hippie tree hugger? Did they think it was cute? Did they just get a good deal on it? Then I started thinking about the choices people make - are they motivated by the persons personality or do the choices themselves mold the persons personality?

Take this Bug for instance. This type of car is driven by a niche type of person. Does the person already have the characteristics of the niche personality when they buy this car or does having this car transform them into this niche? Do they all of a sudden take on the persona of a hippie, peace lover, flower child?

I have wondered these things before, but about appearances. Along the lines of people that choose to get tattoos that are on body parts that aren't easily covered. I have tattoos, so I am not condemning them, just wondering if a tattoo of a Grim Reaper on your forearm actually dictates how a person acts. Does this person subconsciously determine that, "Hey, I've got this evil tat on my arm, I now have to live up what this portray"? Or is this person really that much of a hard-nose before hand?

This is what I have pondered about the whole big hoops in your ears fad that is happening now. My son has these things in his ears and now must live with the consequences for the rest of his life. It was obviously a "fashion" choice for whatever reason unbeknown to me, but a choice nonetheless. So, does him having these hoops in his ears somehow conform him in the depths of his mind to a certain persona that he subconsciously has determined from the way others with these modifications act, dress, talk, etc.?

So, you see what I think about in the time I am stuck in traffic alone. Pondering why people do what they do or do the things people do dictate who they are. No doubt they are all interrelated and a cause and effect type of thing. Do we sin because we are sinners or are we sinners because we sin?

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