Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 180: Angry Birds Sucked Me In

Alright, I broke down and purchased Angry Birds for my phone. Didn't want to do it, but the Lite version was getting old. I also have had $1.78 balance in my iTunes account for about a year now and decided to pay the $.99 and get something fun to play.

Angry Birds it was then. I've been playing the Lite/ free version since I got my new iPhone a few months ago and really like the game. Now that I have downloaded the full version I will have something to do while I am waiting in the Wal Mart express lane that is barely moving. I guess those Lite/ free/ trial versions pay off for the game developers after all. But the simplicity yet challenge of Angry Birds is what got me hooked.

I should probably spend more time on the biblical study apps that I have downloaded. Logos, GTY and the free ESV bible are great resources too. Maybe I should just reevaluate my time consumptions on the phone. I think games are okay every once in a while as long as the do not take over or consume your time. Nothing wrong with a little stress reduction playing a mindless game. But like everything else it has the potential to become sin when it does actually cross the line into quasi-idolatry. I say "quasi" because you do not actually bow to a game, but your time does. How much would be the determining factor of a problem.

Like everything else, one must be discerning while playing games, watching TV or participating in any other form of entertainment. Pick your activities wisely and watch that you do not allow it to become sinful. Also the content can be sinful in games, just like on TV or what music you listen to. Just seek the Lord and ask Him to allow you discernment in this area. I am sure your conscience will let you know when having fun turns into having an idol.

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