Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 179: You Can't Label Me

What I wouldn't have given for a role of packing tape and a UPS label when I took this picture. Just kidding before you animal rights folks crawl all over me. I do not mistreat animals or harm them in any way, even though I would like to this cat some times.

This cat has taken a liking to me for some reason. It likes to sleep on my leg at night, which is kind of warm but also kind of limiting in my movements while I sleep. I am not a cat person anyway, but this cat gets to me more than I ever thought a cat could.

The time the cat has been in our house I have been somewhat civil about it. My wife likes it, so I tolerate it. Make the wife upset and life is not so easy anymore. Actually I like to please my wife and if she finds happiness in a stinkin' cat, then I must compromise for her. But, first chance and this critter is gone. So, are you in the market for a living leg warmer? I can hook you up.

Marriage is about give and take. I was going to insert a joke here, but it is a serious matter. You must be willing to sacrifice things no matter how uncomfortable they make you. Sometimes to better good is the answer and not comfort anyway. As husbands we are commanded to sacrifice for our wives. Although having a cat in the house may not seem like a sacrifice to some, it is to others. I have never liked cats and sometimes they make my eyes itchy and give me a rash, so I do give up my comfort (and heath) for my wife.

I would do almost anything for my wife. I can't think of anything that I would not do. God has given her to me and I cherish her. A life without her would be very hard indeed. I never want to find out.

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