Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 178: Deer Meet Car, Car Meet Deer

It was bound to happen. I am surprised it hasn't happened before now either. I had the unfortunate circumstance of hitting a deer this morning. No injuries except the front of my car. I will need a new headlight, fender and front bumper cover. The deer jumped up and ran away, which was a relief to me.

Deer are really prevalent in this area. I see at least one a day either standing close to a road or prancing across one, some times just a car length or three in front of me. This time it was standing in the road, I slowed and headed for the other lane and he decided to move too. I slammed on the brakes, and he started running then decided he was going to try and run through the front of the car instead of running away from the car. He hit the car, tumbled a time or two jumped up and fled the scene.

Damage total? Two estimates in the $1600.00 range. Insurance deductible? $1000.00. If I turn it in it will also show on my record and could possibly raise the rates, even though I have been accident free for the majority of my life. The only exception was being rear-ended while I was setting still, not my fault in the least. One fortunate thing is the parts are available on ebay for about $500-$600 and I know a guy that may possibly be able to do the labor and still come in under $1000.00, which is great. But, if someone would like to donate to what I am calling the "Bambi fund", just send me a message or leave a reply here. I'll be happy to let you help with this unforeseen expense.

We were in God's hands this morning. Even though some may shake their fist toward the sky and ask "WHY!?", I see that God's protection was in full force. It could have been a much worse damage bill, could have deployed the airbags if hit just a foot or so to the left, could have tumbled through the windshield and the deer could have been killed. All of which were not in the plan this morning.

When events and circumstances came together to allow us to purchase this car I knew it was God. This car was dedicated for God to do with what He wishes and for me to be a willing participant in those needs. God decided the car needs a new headlight assembly and fender, so it's going to get one. Maybe it will open a witnessing encounter with someone. Maybe it was a lesson for me to realize that God is still in control, even as I drive down the road. It is not known now and never may be known why this happened, but I do know that God was not surprised by it.

The same holds true for the other areas in our family right now. We are looking at some potentially anxiety ridden moments that need to be fully handed over to God. He has proven Himself over and over to us and this is not exception. But oh how we forget God's goodness to us so quickly. Maybe the deer was a wake-up call to snap us back into reality of His control. He is our Father and He takes care of us and may we all see that on a daily, hourly and minute by minute basis.

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