Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 176: Christmas Day 2010

Had a really good day with the family today. We met at my Mom's house for lunch and opened gifts and had some good times. My brother was not able to make it in this year from Chattanooga, but would've had some slippery travel if he did. We received about 3" of snow and had the first white Christmas that I can remember of late.

Any time is a good time when you can get folks together to share in the Savior. I know that many people celebrated Christmas today without knowing who Christ truly is. Many that did are deceived in their sin and likewise do not know the true and risen Savior. The modern gospel takes a heavy tole on many people.

Those that truly know Christ need to step up and be the slaves that we are. Proclaim the Word in season and out of season to the glory of God. Stand up against the lies that permeate churches across the world and lift up the King. If we only believed that our friends and families would spend eternity in hell we would speak more openly and diligently about the True God of scripture.

I pray that He burdens me with this and uses it to open my mouth more. I pray that He pricks your hearts to speak boldly as we are told to do in scripture. Not this wishy washy stuff that is prevalent, not the name it and claim it or "God has a wonderful plan for your life" kinds of messages. Stand true to His Word and proclaim His Lordship over all. He is the Reason for every Season. His Name is above all Names. Now GO! Live life like that is true.

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