Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 174: More Of What Our Kids Are Consuming

Saw this set of books in the local Lifeway store tonight. They caught my eye walking down the aisle, as I very rarely venture down the kids book section. But the evil depiction of a clown sparked some curiosity. I had to know what this tin held. Then I found out, a mystery book series targeted at Christian kids. Let me clarify that last sentence, professing Christian kids.

This is the kind of product that should probably be thrown out of any bookstore that professes to be for Christians. Why even sell something like this? No wonder when the kids that claim to be Christians are "backsliding" when they get a taste of freedom in college when they turn 18. Their minds are being filled with trash like this in the name of Christ.

Of course, I have not read these books, I am going on appearance only. The graphics and the titles are as far as I would venture with something like this. I can see no reason to justify a product like this in any way, shape or form. But, once again I ask "Where are the parents?" Why do parents let their sweet children partake of this rubbish? I would even say the parents are the ones that are buying this stuff for their kids for the sole purpose of trying to keep their interest in Jesus instead of falling into "worldly" things. But, isn't this the exact type of things they are trying to keep their kids from?

When a parent does not condemn stuff like this, and even actually condone it with purchasing or turning a blind eye, the kids are being put into a very deep pit that is getting very slippery on the sides. A child is not a discerning being, they strive for attention, they seek relativity and they want to fit in. So, reading the latest John MacArthur book is not the source material that finds a young person labeled as cool.

Please parents, be more discerning as to what your kids are partaking of. Look through their bookshelves, ask them about what they are reading, stay on top of them. I am sure you will not be spotless parent in their eyes for long if you convey the morality that the bible say we need to put forth. But, then again, most of these kids are still unconverted, even those that have professed Christ 10 years earlier in Sunday school. These kids are lost and on the road to hell, so please ask God to give you a more discerning spirit on your children's intake of "entertainment" and other areas.

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