Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 171: A-Tract-ing Attention

Received the newest shipment of tracts from the Bezeugen Tract Club a few days ago. For some reason the "Get Out Of Hell Free" tract is one of my favorites. I guess it's because I like to play Monopoly or that it is clever enough to keep someone from throwing it away at the next trash can they pass. What is most important is that it gets the Gospel into someones hand.

The Bezeugen Tract Club is a very wonderful ministry. They supply a months supply of tracts, just for the asking. They do not require a payment or donation, but if the Lord leads you to help support this ministry I highly suggest doing so. The way it works is they send you 30 tracts, with your promise to pass them out, one for each day of the month. They also have other tracts for sale, at a nominal price and they put out some quality work.

Tracts are a large part of my witnessing. I prefer the million dollar bills, because they, too, catch peoples eyes and they hold on to them. Lost people really like them, enough so they will ask for more so they can help pass them out to other lost people. I leave tracts in restaurants, with tips, at the gas pumps, in restrooms and in the post office. Anywhere you go take some tracts with you, pray that God shows you the doors He opens and take a step through those doors. I really don't think you have to ask for doors to be open, they already are, we are just too blind sometimes to see them. Be prepared to share your testimony with those you encounter, because a lot of the time what God has done to you and for you is the best witnessing that can be done. Of course, show them the Word and the Gospel how we are putrid sinners, fallen and in need of the Savior. Tell them of His sacrifice and blood shed for our sins, something that could be paid no other way but through the Spotless Lamb.

There are several other websites to purchase tracts, in many different formats. I suggest that you make sure to read the front and backs of tracts you purchase and pass out, so you will know that their message is solid and biblical. There are many tracts out there that are not biblical, so please be wary and discerning. Below are a few websites you can visit for tracts that are biblical. I am sure there are more, but these are ministries that I trust in quality and content. They have the "Jeff Seal Of Approval".

Way Of The Master/ Living Waters
Bezeugen Tract Club
Custom Tract Source
One Million Tracts

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