Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 170: Lights All Around

Sorry the picture is a little blurry today. I was taking it as I was stopping my vehicle. Just a random house on the road near my church, nothing "special" about the house itself. It did get me wondering about the reasons for the different decorations throughout the Christmas Season.

I have been told a few times lately that the Christmas tree is from a pagan ritual outlined in Jeremiah 10. I do not believe it, although it does bare some similarities. The biggest argument against that assertion is Jeremiah was written about some pagan practices long before Christmas trees were used. But, what about the lights, the garland, reds and greens, stockings by the fireplace, etc. Do all of these customs have pagan roots? Do they in any way convey what Christmas is supposed to represent?

I am well aware of the Winter Solstice pagan holiday that the early church wanted to draw their members away from. I am not sure though how much of that festival still has impact on Christmas traditions. I guess this blog post is the beginning of my investigation as my curiosity has been piqued.

If anyone knows the reasons for decorating your house with lights, kissing under the mistletoe or any of the other things I mentioned are, please leave a comment on this blog and enlighten us. Also, please leave any links that may also help with a better understanding. I will also look and do some investigating and will either add to this blog post or comment myself. I'd just like to know why people do certain things. Why are so many seemingly non-Christ focused held in such esteem and why they are even a part of what should be a Christian Holiday. Why the extra "baggage" of these things and why not the call to focus on the Savior?

Oh, Santa Clause information is not needed unless it pertains to some other decoration or helps understanding of one of the things I listed. I did the "Santa thing" throughout my life, but I was unconverted the whole time. At this point I do not think I would subject any kids to the persona of Santa.

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