Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 167: Cheesecake Delight

Was surprised today with a gift of cheesecake from Dena. She had brought Jason some by work and decided to bring me a piece as well. I have two words for Dena's cheesecake "YUM-EE". It was a very pleasant surprise and I soon partook of its creamy goodness. I saved some for tomorrow and will probably have it sooner than I am anticipating, because I want to drive to work right now and get it.

Isn't it great to have great friends that do nice things for you? Not for any personal gain, to receive anything in return, just because they want to. I'd say that it is a fruit of the Spirit, in the kindness and goodness part of the list (Galatians 5:22-23). By a fruit of the Spirit, it means that God has given you the capacity to be these things, because of your new birth.

The fruits of the Spirit were contrasted, in scripture, against the works of the flesh. This is our old nature, the flesh, that still struggles to gain control of us again. This is a reality until we reach the Glory Land with the Savior. But as long as we remain focused on Christ, the Holy Spirit will work in us to show His fruits and glorify the Father. Our focus is key, because it is a struggle in the "supernatural" world as we are constantly bombarded with fiery darts from the enemy. We must always remain focused on God and He will direct us along the path. It is when we gaze away and fulfill the lusts of the flesh that we are sinning.

May we all look to the cross for strength. May the Lord fill us with His Spirit daily so that we can walk in accordance to His Word and manifest the fruits of the Spirit continually.

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