Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 165: An Apple A Day

Oh, Apple. How long ago our relationship started. Although I didn't really realize it at the time, I was a small part in what would be one of the most successful businesses in the world - Apple. I worked at a local Apple dealer straight out of high school for a few months. I was co-opping out from my electronics class to the local Apple dealer, trying to fit in somewhere that I had no idea what to do. Not much leadership while on the job led to my untimely demise from that job. I pretty much was the showroom duster and sweeper, because I knew nothing about computers at the time and everyone else seemed too busy to lend a hand. This was in the mid 80s as the newest Mac was introduced, known then as the Macintosh 512K.

The 128K was a really cool computer at the time and had a price tag of about $2,800.00, which was a hefty sum back then. Before that my computer experience included a Commodore Vic 20 and long nights of coding from a book to play a text based game. But those were the "good ol' days". I lost interest in computers and never touched one again until around 1995. Since then I have been self taught in much of computing.

Now, about 25 years since my first encounter with Apple, I carry a iPhone around in my pocket that put the computing power of the 1980s Mac to shame. I can do almost anything with my iPhone, including making calls, if you can believe that. It is amazing how far technology has come, but I have also seen a counter reaction to the rise in technology. Sin.

With the rise of affordable technology and computers, to the common internet connection (thanks to Al Gore), sin has been in a steady and accelerated climb to heights unfathomable. People can, with the click of a mouse, be transported to wherever their hearts content to take part in whatever their current sinful preoccupation is. I am not only referring to porn and chat rooms, but to places like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter that consume much time in a lot of peoples lives.

Don't get me wrong, I don;t think the internet or the aforementioned websites are sinful themselves, but like anything else their use is what can make them sinful. I frequent Facebook and have been very edified by a lot of people that I may never have met this side of Heaven. But, I do see the potential to allow its use to be sinful, time robbing and hurtful to anyone not wary of that threat. I think it is one of those areas that each individual needs to seek God about. He may lead someone to turn the monitor off or He may lead that same person to start an internet based study group. Who knows except the Lord?

I just ask those that feel a personal conviction to not try to impress that on others. That is where the heart of the legalist flourishes. This is not one of those cut and dry, black or white issues. I would say it is a neutral issue, that if given seed will flourish into sin. I would liken it to listening to music or watching TV - it's not what your doing, it's what you are consuming when you do that activity.

As with anything else, seek the Lord for personal guidance. Do not give place to sin that will blossom. Guard your heart and mind and allow God to use technology to His glory through you.

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