Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 163: Snow What I Mean?

Today was the first snowfall of the winter season. It was great to see the flakes falling and the intricacy of the flakes. I examined some that were stuck to my shirt this morning and how perfect they appeared.

I think it is amazing how God put order and structure into nature. Just looking at a tiny snowflake really opens that up for a person. Then to think of how the flake was formed in a geometric pattern to form just a single flake. Then for those flakes to start falling and blanketing the ground like a cotton sheet. How can anyone deny the Creator?

Then, what about other things that show order? How about the human body? How does life spring forth on its own? For those evolutionists - how did the first mammal decide it needed lungs? Why would it have the need to crawl from it's comfortable ooze? How would the newly formed lungs operate? How about the circulatory system for living beings? What was formed first, the heart, the blood or the veins and arteries? How would the others know to be formed and how could those already formed survive without the others? Do you explain that by them evolving in tandem? If so, then why would they have the need to?

It is a great leap of faith to believe in evolution. It would take more faith in man and their "explanations" to believe that we evolved by chance, from a mire of goo struck by lightening to create life. Think that one through too. If the first life was created, how did it survive? How did it know to consume something to keep living? It couldn't have an it would have died off as well. A great leap of faith to believe in what these scientists are passing off as facts. Then there is the big bang. Have you ever seen an explosion? Did you see anything orderly after the explosion happened or was there nothing but chaos?

So, next time you have the awesome opportunity to look at a snowflake think about the order that God put into motion. Think about how He orchestrates the laws of physics, gravity and life. Think of how He breathes His breath into every human created. It is all from Him and all about Him. We should definitely acknowledge that more in our every day lives.

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