Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 162: Shopping For Shoes

Today was/ is a big day for Forrest. While it is not an official "date" he does have a set time to meet his girlfriend for a dance. He needed a couple of things to make his ensemble complete, so we went shopping. One stop was for shoes, as in my picture. He settled for some nice black slip ons that I would have probably picked as well. We did sped some cash I didn't want to, but I didn't complain too much. After all, it was his first date, er, uh, meet up with his friend that just so happens to be a girl.

It is hard to believe that Forrest is the age I was when I started down the road of sin that was with me for many years. At his age I was already doing a lot of things I do not want to divulge here. I will say that I did start smoking cigarettes and listening to some very heavy and dark music (at the time, there is much worse now). My young life was just beginning and before me was a door of sin that I had never imagined. I not only opened the door, I kicked it down and let it flood my life.

All the while I looked back on the prayer when I was 8 to be when I was "saved". Saved from what I have no idea, except from hell, which I was constantly reminded of and told I must say the prayer to avoid. So I did. Then for the next 30 years my life of sin just kept growing, but I kept asking for forgiveness, because that's what I was taught. I was told that all I had to do was ask to be forgiven, but never told about repentance and the true faith in Christ needed for an actual conversion and re-birth.

It wasn't until I was 38 years old was I truly saved. My life changed 180 degrees then. I then saw just how I really measured up to the One that all will be judged against and saw my utter disdain for God. That is when He saved me.

I pray that Forrest, Allan and Matt will soon come to a saving faith in the Lord. I pray that I can be a good model and give a true and faithful witness for the things God has done for me and also for them. I need Him to work through me, instead of me trying to do it all. He is the bread of life and I pray that one day soon the boys will take the bite and see that He is good.

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