Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 157: Reliving Your Youth

Came across this Dukes of Hazzard play set while looking through a local flea market type establishment today. The Dukes were a popular thing back when I was a kid and seem to still hold some of that appeal. I do know that the toys are now highly collectible, just like most of the other toys from days gone by.

It makes since that these toys are highly sought after, as people try to regain some of their youth. They do this through means like this. They fork out big bucks for toys that only cost a few dollars when they were kids, in the hopes that it will jar some memories and illicit memories so they may feel young again.

I still have my original Star Wars toys from 1977, when the first movie was released. I was a big fan and was fortunate enough that I did not throw these goodies out, like most of the other things I had. That means that these action figures are over 33 years old now. I would like to say that it seems like just yesterday, but I can barley remember my youth. So, it is like a lifetime ago for me.

1977 was also about the year that I made a profession of faith while on a youth trip. I was declared saved, popishly by a man and I banked on that profession and man's proclamation for 30 years. I lived like the world, ingrained in every facet of sin thinkable. I never killed anyone, but I did have some strong dislikes that are just the same as murder in God's eyes. I had not a care in the world, just as long as I said my prayer at bed time and ask for forgiveness, which was usually "God please forgive me for all the sins I committed today, amen". Not quite the repentant heart, huh?

Just a little over 4 years ago God miraculously saved me. It was a miracle because I thought I was already saved and didn't need saving. By His grace, He showed me just how lost I was. Ever since He has been saving me every day. He saved me from hell and He saves me from a life of sin that breaks the fellowship with Him. I do still sin, but not as much, not as often and have an immediate repentance when I do. All of those are further evidences of His grace bestowed on me. He would be just as good if He did not save me or show me grace. I am so very thankful that He did choose me, for whatever reason. One day I may know why, but until the other side I will wonder - why?

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