Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 155: We Got Our Parade On

Another year for Oak Grove in the Paducah Christmas Parade is in the books. It was another fun time, casualty free. God was good to us allowing us a safe a fun night together.

Although the parade was fun, we had great fellowship and saw some old friends along the route - he main reason we enter the parade is to be able to pass tracts out along the walk down Broadway. We create the tracts in house through Real Truth Matters and JT and Joseph do a wonderful job utilizing the talents that God has placed on them. Our prime goal was to get the gospel into the hands of as many people as we could and to glorify our Father. I believe we accomplished both and He then, in turn, allowed us to have a really enjoyable night of fellowship with our Lord as the focus.

I am currently in the process of uploading the video we used during the parade on the float. This year's theme was "Christmas Music Galore" so we took parts of several Christmas songs and put some video to them. Take a look on the Oak Grove Baptist Church Facebook page if you get a chance.

Video used on the float

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