Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 153: Sweaters And Parties

This is a very small part of my ugly Christmas sweater. It's for a get together we are going to tomorrow night. I don't want to show too much of it right now, but maybe after tomorrow night I will post a picture of the whole thing.

It's a great thing to get together with those that have been placed in your life by God. It is a fit made in heaven, literally. God uses those around us to help our own walks along. They are part of our sanctification, tools used by God to guide us, lead us and even sometimes rebuke us.

One are that is very helpful is accountability. See who God lets you feel the most comfortable with and use that person as your accountability partner. Confess to them your areas of struggle and when they feel trusting enough in you they will do the same. Keep those things between the two of you only and pray with that brother or sister. Encourage one another and build bonds that will last a lifetime. I am once again preaching to myself here, because I currently do not have someone in my life like this. Maybe that's why this post took this turn, so I could realize I need that person in my life and along my walk, to allow me to grow and to lend a ear.

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