Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 150: Keep On Truckin'

Several years ago I had a 1970 Ford Stepside truck. It definitely wasn't the easiest thing on the eyes, but man, did it ever run good. By good I do not mean squealing the tires or going 0 - 60 in 8 seconds, but good as in it would crank up every time and was very dependable. I paid $300 for it, drove it for a year or so, then sold it for $600 and a trade of a 1967 Cougar. I made out really good on that deal, but have regretted parting with that truck ever since.

I recently saw a local online classified for a 1967 Ford fleetside that really reminded me of my old truck. Same cab, both had a straight 6 and both were 3 on the tree. To top it off this truck had 90,000 original miles. Being 43 years old with 90K on it is a very exceptional thing, as I have seen 2008 models with that many miles on them. Needless to say I had to take a step back in time and buy it. I did pay more than I probably should have, but hey, now I have a truck that will be put to some good use.

This brings to mind of how much I look to the past in what is going on now. Looking at a vehicle 20 years ago to make a decision on buying one today might sound ludicrous to some, but to me the experience I had back then help guide me. The same goes for my walk with God. Even though most of what I was taught growing up was just peppered with truth, I still see myself looking back to my youth.

Since I was ingrained with the American/ modern gospel, I have to really study to find the truth. I have also been placed into a great church, with a pastor that does not make any qualms about preaching the truth of scripture. Oak Grove Baptist Church was part of the process that God has used for my sanctification process. He also put some godly men in my path through audio sermons, books and Television. It is amazing to look back and see the path that I have traveled, even seeing God's hand in my life when I was not converted.

God has been so good to me and so gracious. I hope that I can look back to this time in my life and see how much further the Lord has brought me on my walk with Him. I want to continue to be drawn closer to God, with Him being magnified and myself being a bondservant to His desires. My life is His and I know He will take care of me, which is the trust that He wants us all to have. He wants us all to know that we must give our lives to Him, so He can direct our paths to His glory. What a privilege it is to serve the God of all.

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