Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 148: Black Friday Is Crazy

We did it. Yes, we ventured out of the house and to the mall on Black Friday. We did, however, wait until all of the craziness of the early morning mayhem had subsided. There still were a lot of people out and about around noon. We just made a quick walk through of the mall and back out.

I have gotten out earlier in years gone by, but never waited in line for hours and hours or days even to have a chance at getting that one thing that was advertised for a rock bottom price. I did go to Circuit City years ago trying to get a laptop, which I did not get. I do know people that have camped out in the cold or get out at midnight to wrangle up some deals. Me? Not anymore for this aging guy. I need my beauty sleep

I wonder what feeds the frenzy more - the retailers that try to cut the prices on a few things to draw people in or the people that want to get out there for the thrill of the hunt. I'd say it is probably equally both as one couldn't do what they do without the others participation. But, it is a choice by both.

It is a neutral choice to go Black Friday shopping, but there are many other choices that we make that are cut and dry, black or white issues. Keeping with the shopping theme, if you desire something so much that it consumes your thoughts it has become an idol to you. That is until you get it, then it loses its luster and something else that is sparkly catches your attention. That is our nature, we are very rarely satisfied with the things of this world. It is because we were created with a higher desire for us, to desire a relationship with God. Our fallen nature keeps us from desiring that though, as we look to our flesh to fill those desires. We hobble through this life consuming sin after sin and shunning God day after day. We want nothing to do with God until He pours His love upon us.

When God initiates the relationship we are then able to pursue that relationship that we forsook our whole lives. We are then able to give back that love, although fallen in nature. We have a desire then to please God and we actually are sorrowful over our sins to the point of repentance. We can then full trust in God and the work on Calvary through the blood of Christ for our sins. We are then changed into a new creation whose focus turns more from "me" to a more "God" perspective. The sanctification process is then carried out until we leave this world and join with the Father. As we get closer to Him we start seeing just how much sin we have in our hearts, His light exposes those dark crevices one at a time as He prunes those sins from us.

If you are still wallowing in your sin and loving it, not repentant about the relationship you have with your boyfriend/ girlfriend. If you can lie without it bothering you one bit or if you hate someone without a just reason you are a murderer to God. He has high standards and no one in and of themselves can attain them. Only through Christ can you attain His standards. Only trusting in Him and what He has done for you will save you. Have you done that? What is your hold up? Cry out to Him to change you.

Please visit Real Truth Matters for a more thorough explanation.

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