Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 145: All In The Family

Tonight we had an early Thanksgiving dinner at church. There was a great turnout. We ate, sang a few hymns and told of God's blessings to us. It was a great night and reminds me of how thankful we really are to be loved by God.

The love of God seems to be the one attribute that a lot of people grasp onto these days. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, just as long as that is not the only attribute that is seen of God's. We humans fail miserably at trying to describe God. I have often times said that naming His attributes and trying to describe Him with our meek terms is borderline blasphemy. But I also believe that picking a single attribute and saying "God is love" exclusively is idolatry through and through.

God's love is so immense that we can't even fathom just how great it is. We really don;t realize just how Holy He is and how forgiving He is in that love to have seen Christ to die for us. We really need to think about that and dwell on the sacrifice of the Spotless Lamb for our sinful souls.

We really like to grasp onto all of the "good" attributes, but those that we see as "bad" are most of the time shunned. You really don't hear much about God's Holiness, Righteousness, Omnipotence and Judgment. Those seem to be the qualities that most try to avoid because they don't seem that "loving" to us.

May I suggest that you read AW Tozer's The Attributes of God and actually dig into scripture and see the many attributes that God does have. I am sure that our finite minds will never be able to comprehend in this existence just how awesome God is. I'm not even sure that in the next life we will be able to grasp either. We will only be able to cry out "Holy, Holy, Holy" as the angels do.

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