Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 144: To Park And Protect

Ever see these "security" guards driving around your Wal-Mart? What I can't figure out is why a Wal-Mart in Paducah KY hires a security agency from Murphysboro IL to patrol the lot. I guess they were the low bidder. Also, I can't understand why they drive a mini-van around. On the intimidation scale a minivan is about as low as you can go, right under Ford Pinto and AMC Pacer.

A common trait of the minivan patrol is to park out toward the edge of the lot and just sit there. Not sure why, maybe just to let people know that they are being watched. They also like to park up by the building on the sidewalk, because parking in the fire lane is just not acceptable. I do imagine that the cart pusher people get agitated sometimes when they are trying to do their job and have to go around the ominous vehicle.

Actually I am sure these security personnel are serving a valuable position. There is no telling how many vehicles that may have been broken into without the presence of these guys being known. Intimidation is not their objective, it is to let those that may think about committing a crime know that they will probably get caught. Although a high speed pursuit through the parking lot will probably not happen using a Dodge Caravan.

This does bring to mind how most of us are though. While we think we are not being watched or seen we seem to "live it up" in our sins. If we are alone or with others that sanction the sin/ deed then we will more than likely continue in that act. Put a pair of eyes on us and it is a totally different story as we like to hide. Often times those that commit sin do it in their mind only, as Jesus said of those that lust - "you have already committed adultery in your mind" or those that hate someone without cause have "already committed murder".

Those are some pretty lofty sins to be associated with for "just thinking" something. But it shows the high standards that God has for us and just how depraved we are. All sins begin in the mind and then we act upon them when we think we can get away with it, that no one will see. Darkness is often associated with sin because that is a good hiding place. Ever wonder why bars are their busiest at night? Or why most burglaries happen in the "safety" of the night? It is because sinners like to sin, but they don't want to be seen doing it.

So how are we supposed to not think of sinning? It's simple, you just don't think about it. It is a difficult journey, but our flesh can be overcome by our spirit and through the Holy Spirit. We must continually seek God to change us, conform us, mold us, squeeze us, to sanctify us. We must first see our sins as what they are, turn from them and to God. Ask Him to change your mindset and take the thoughts from you. It is a process, but it is attainable as long as you seek God to do it and not rely on yourself. Maybe that is why Jesus said that if your eye offends you, makes you sin, to pluck it out - because that is the only way we can stop ourselves from sinning is to physically change ourselves and make it not possible in that manner.

To be truly changed, though, we must be changed from the inside, healed of our wickedness. We must stop relying on our own means and realize that through Christ we can achieve a greater likeness to Christ. Do not be discourage because you will never attain it in these sinful bodies. One day, possibly soon, we will be changed and sin will have no more dominion in us. How that will look I have no idea, because my sin is ever before me in this life. But to yearn for a time when I will no longer cause my Father grief is a great thing. Until then, I will continue to seek Him for His kneading hands as He forms this lump of clay into the vessel that He wishes.

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