Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 143: Smoothing Things Out

One of my least favorite things to do? Ironing my shirts. It's not because it's hard work or anything, but because I'm not good at it at all. I just can't seem to manipulate my shirts the right way, put the right amount of pressure or have the heat set correctly or something. I'm just no good at it. No matter how hard I try my shirts still have wrinkles in them.

Maybe it's just a practice issue and I need to continue to experiment and see what does work. I can't seem to talk anyone else in the house in to doing it for me either, so I am stuck. I did get a steamer and used it for a while, but as little as I used it it now has lime built up in it from the water. So, that is out of the picture too now. Guess everyone will just have to see a few wrinkles here and there.

It kind of reminds me of life sometimes and how we try the same things over and over again, but expect different results. I think that is similar to an Einstein quote that he equated that as insanity. But we all do it, we mess up big time, realize it, say we're sorry, act better for a while, then back to the same old things. I guess that is insanity to a degree.

In Christian terms it would show that true repentance has never been found. A momentary sorrow may be all that has been mustered up. True repentance works in your heart to a degree that you never want to do that particular sin again. Not saying that it doesn't creep up every now and again, but the majority of the time that sin is put to death. Not that we are perfect, but that we continually seek God for the strength to keep that particular sin out of mind and out of reach.

Seeking God should be a continual thing for a true believer. It is a battle at times as our everyday lives are right there in front of us and God slips away out of mind. It is then that we need to snap back and walk by faith instead of sight and seek fellowship with Him even more. We should be praising God from our waking hour until we rest our heads on our pillow and all moments in between. I am far from this myself and need this as much as anyone else. I am firmly pointing a finger in my direction. May we all desire this and may we all seek God and ask Him to change us even more, so that we can fellowship with Him even more.

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