Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 142: Graffiti For God? Really?

Had a little road trip with Chandra today. We made a little day trip to Carbondale/ Marion Illinois for a little shopping and a little eating. On the way we stopped at a gas station off of I-24 at the Vienna exit. Today's picture is of the restroom door with "Jesus is ready when you are" emblazoned in black Sharpie.

Now I am not 100% sure, but I do not believe that is an accurate quote from the bible. I can't really recall the chapter and verse they were trying to quote there. And on the inside of a bathroom door? Really? That is after all destruction of private property, which I do not think would be a sin free act here. So there are multiple issues with doing something like this.

Issue 1) It is not a biblical statement
Issue 2) It was written on a bathroom door
Issue 3) It takes something that a person possibly meant to help someone (albeit not a very smart attempt) and reduced it to the same level as the other things scrawled across the door and walls.

I did do a little touch up and cover up of some "unneeded" elements of graffiti. I will not even describe what was on the door right next to this marking. I just can't see the reasoning someone went through to write this out across the door. This would probably go in the same category as the Westboro folks in my book (if I had a book).

This is what modern day "Christianity" has been reduced to as of late. Just more proof that the holiness of God is trivial to a lot of people that claim to be Christians. If someone could please enlighten me to how someone could think this is beneficial. Leave a reply here or on my facebook post or this blog posting.

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