Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 141: M-I-C....K-E-Y..... R-I-N-G-S

Steak 'N' Shake onion rings are delicious. They can also lay exactly right on the plate and look like Mickey Mouse. This shot was not staged and just happened by chance. Some things do happen by chance, but others there is no way it could be chance. Some call chance luck instead and you will quite often hear people say "good luck" when they are about to do something that is out of the norm.

But what about the "chance" of the creation of life? Could a explosion, know as the "big bang" actually have created precise order from chaos? Some people say that the "chance" that it happened are probable, but I really do not understand how that is possible. I mean, come on, have you ever seen an explosion result in the formation of anything orderly? Nah, me neither. So why do scientist lean on their assumption that that is how the universe was created?

What about life? Can life be "made" from nothing? Could a lightening strike in a swamp make life spontaneously appear? I was say no. After the "billions" of years scientists claim took life to evolve into recognizable forms can you answer a few questions? Which came first the heart to pump the blood? The blood to be pumped? The veins for the blood to pump through? The organs that the blood pumps to? What exactly came first in those? And why would they have a need to develop anyway, if there were no evolutionary need for them.

Another, similar, argument can be made for the lungs and breathing. Okay, I'll give you a freebie and say that somehow life was made and was living in the swamp, breathing through its gills. This little fellow decides to come out of the water. Did the lungs to breath with form first or the pathways for the oxygen to travel? Why would a life-form that breathes through gills want to try breathing on dry land? How many of these life-forms died while they continued to try to come on dry land?

I think the concept of evolution is built upon shaky ground. The foundation of this theory is man made assumptions. Why not look to scripture and see that God created the heavens and the Earth? Keep reading through Genesis and see how perfect God made the world and how man's desire to be godlike changed everything. AS a matter of fact, since then, man has tried to elevate himself to godhood and most of the time live in idolatry while thinking about themselves. What is the largest idol men create? The idol of "ME".

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