Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 140: You Get What You Pay For?

Mmmm McDonald's Fries. They are definitely tasty. Looks like I ate half the container full before I took the picture, huh? Well, actually this is the "large" order of fries stood on it's end. There is something wrong here.

This has been happening for a little while now and if I am dining in I will normally take them back to the counter and let them know that their attempt at food cost savings by cheating their customers isn't going to work for me. When dining in at McDonald's you have unlimited refills, so drink size is not an issue. The sandwich or other main course item is not made any bigger when "upsizing". That leaves only the fries that you are actually paying for when making the step up. So, the extra $.59, or however much they charge, actually just gets you a larger package, but the same amount of fries as the smaller offering. This doesn't set well with me.

I try to be nice when I take the fries back to the counter. I try to smile and not push a bad attitude their way. They have always complied with my complaint and given me more fries, but it still irks me that they try to make a little more profit for less product. Sometimes they have actually rolled their eyes at me like I was to blame for their offense.

The "reap what you sow" mentality comes to mind. I am sure that if McDonald's continues to cheat their customers like this, the customers will then choose to go somewhere else. It's not like McDonald's has the best food or anything, after-all. But I know that how I treat the counter person will also reap me in how I sow to the situation. These people have probably been told to skimp on the fries, so they are just doing as they were directed. Sadly, I have to check myself before confronting the counter person. If it would only come natural to me to have a compassionate disposition. I think I probably do on the exterior, but it is the interior of my heart that has the issues.

I am still seeking God over this issue in my heart. I need Him to change me. I do not want to be hateful externally, but the internal needs the change. Knowing this and desiring this are the first two steps. God can and will take this from me, because it is sin and it does not glorify Him. I must seek God's saving grace in these types of issues in my heart. I need Him to sanctify my heart problems that will then sanctify my actions. So many things I need God for in my life, which is where we all need to be, in total dependence in Him. We depend too much on ourselves, when all we do is dig our holes deeper and say, "I've got it." We don't "have it" and the only way we will have it is to turn it over to the Lord.

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