Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 132: Pumpkins and Bumpkins

Sister Kerie decided to carve a RTM pumpkin and it turned out wonderful. She originally planned to carve one with the likeness of CH Spurgeon, but decided otherwise when a get together was canceled, which was going to have a pumpkin decoration contest. The RTM pumpkin was actually going to be my decorating, so I guess I am glad that it did not happen.Kerie did an excellent job on this one, so I am sure that I would have lost the contest.

We have a lot of talented people within the body of Oak Grove. Each person is individually gifted in one or more areas ans each person and their gift are just as much a part as anyone else. We are all made unique by God and He gifts us as we will be used in His work. Not everyone can preach, not everyone can play an instrument or sing, not everyone can clean the floors. God knows what He is doing and we need to just do what we do.

Some people will say they do not know what their gifts are. I'd say they are probably already doing what God gifted them with. We have a way of just following what is natural to us and a lot of the times that is where God gifted us. What we don;t want to do is not use the gifts God gave us or try to emulate someone else and their gifting. This happens more than we care to mention and is probably the biggest cause of jealousy within a church building. Jealousy leads to anger and bitterness, so it needs to be avoided from the get-go. If everyone is taught about Spiritual giftings and their proper use, then a lot of the fighting and hard feelings would be nonexistent. This is the job of the pastor and other leaders within a church body. Of course if everyone had the right mind set then these things would be nonexistent too.

If we could all just work together, see where we are gifted and jump in, or help out where we can be beneficial. The ultimate goal is the see God glorified, so then we should always be seeking Him to lead us and not go off on our own tangents just because you think someone else is doing a bad job or that you can do a better job. Just seek God in where He wants you to be and do it. Let the finger of the body be the finger and the brain be the brain, just don;t be a heel and cause strife.

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