Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 131: Sick In The Head

Ahhhh, Kleenex. That's my go to phrase for the day. I woke up this morning doing a little sneezing, feeling a little clogged headed. I've been sneezing throughout the day and having to use several tissues as well. So, today my best friend is a box of Kleenex.

I really don't like being sick at all. I'm sure there are probably not that many people that actually do like being sick, but ya never know. Just shows how much control we have over our own bodies, doesn't it? We can't just tell our nose to stop being clogged up or our head to stop hurting or ask our skin to not be dry. I wonder why people think they can will or tell their mind, soul and spirit to stop sinning then.

A more important question is how can we decide to love God? Simply, we can't, until God first shows His love for us. Without going to far into predestination and election we, as fallen humans that love sin, do not have any desire to love or please God in any way. We only want self pleasure, however we can get it. That is until God speaks to our spirit and breathes life into us spiritually. Just as Jesus told Lazarus to "Come forth!", the Holy Spirit tells our hearts to love God. That is when we can "make a decision" which is actually turning from our sins and believing upon Christ. God must first work in us, His creation, to love Him.

Many people try really hard to love God an please Him, but they simply can't because they do not truly love God. They really love the idea of not going to hell, but care nothing for holiness and sanctification. They have a very wrong view of God, maybe thinking that He is love only and not the other things scripture says He is. While it is true that God is love, He is also Holy, Just, Jealous, Omnipotent, Righteous, All Knowing and many more things that still fall short of properly explaining the character of God. But it is a very dangerous thing to pick a single attribute and say definitively that "God is love only". That is idolatry and a very serious offense.

So, stop trying to change yourself and heal your wretched heart. Look unto God and cry out for Him to instil His love into you so that you may love Him.

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