Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 129: Goodbye Daylight Savings Time 2010

Hello early darkness. Early this morning Daylight Savings Time ended and most of just noticed an extra hour of sleep. Others arrived early at church and were blessed to take part in Sunday School along with regular church services. Others got an extra hour out partying and others it did not affect at all.

S, why do we change times in the spring and in the fall anyway? It is supposed to be that it saves electricity. In 2007 the length of time during DST increased by four weeks spreading from the second Sunday in March until the first Sunday in November. How does this save electricity? Presumably businesses do not have to use as much power through daylight hours, as much as equal to 10,000 barrels of oil each day, by some estimates. Is that a fact? I have no idea. Anyone with some hard numbers please respond in the meta and fill us all in.

All I know is that it gets dark earlier and light earlier too. Oh, and my internal clock will be messed up for a week while it tries to figure out the new system. It will be good in the mornings on my way to work so I don't have to squint to see the deer waiting to pounce in front of my car, I will be able to see them lurching forward waiting for just the right time to be spooked and attempt suicide by Nissan.

All in all things will continue as they always do. Maybe we (Christians) can take this time to reflect (pun intended) the Light of Christ at the changes of falling back and springing forward. Of course we should always be aware of Christ, but too often we stop consciously thinking that god is Light to this world and we are to reflect that Light to all we come into contact with. We need to focus that without the grace of God we would be living in the darkness as the rest of the world does. Without His grace we would be on the way to hell. Only by His grace are we saved and not already in hell. We are evil to our core and God has chosen us to be His people, set apart as a royal priesthood with His Son's blood as our biggest grace. Without His work on Calvary we would all be doomed, but we are all (the human race) offered that Justification by grace if we only repent of our sinfulness and turn from that sin to God and believe in Christ for everything.

Are you a reflector of God's Light to the world? Do you show the love of God to those that are lost and perishing? Do you tell them of the Savior and what He has done for you? How He has saved you from you, your sin and hell?

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